Chain Sprocket

A sprocket is a profiled wheel with cogs or teeth, that network with a chain, track, indented, or perforated material. The name 'sprocket' applies generally to any wheel upon which radial projections engage a chainpassing over it.

Sprockets are largely used in cars, bicycles, tracked or other industrial requirements to impart linear motion to the tape/track or for transmitting the rotary motion between two shafts where gear is unable to solve the requisite purpose. Usually, Sprockets do not have a flange, however, some of the Chain Sprocket Manufacturers provide flanges where sprockets are used with timing belts- the purpose of the flange is to keep the timing belt centred.

Further, Sprockets and chains are also used widely in power transmission from one shaft to another where any sort of slippage is not acceptable. Hence, sprocket wheels are used instead of pulleys, while sprocket chains are used instead of ropes and belts.

Chain Sprocket Manufacturers

Another major benefit with the Sprocket is that these can be run at very high speeds and especially the Chain Sprocket Manufacturers in Ahmedabad ensure that the product isdesigned in such manner that it is noiseless even when it is operating at high speed.

In Roller Sprockets, chains are combined with the roller pins that ride in the root of the sprocket to transmit power. The Sprocket teeth interlock itself with the individual chain component and hence, as the sprocket rotates, it pulls the chain along thus helping in power transmission from one end to another.

Besides this, we also have ladder sprockets, which are largely used for low torque power transmission requirements.

Application areas:-

  • Plants of cement
  • Steel rolling
  • Mineral and textile
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Thermal power station
  • Paper mills
  • Mining industry
  • Sugar mills

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