A gear also called a cogwheel is a rotating machine, which has got cut teeth. A cogwheel specifically has inserted teeth, which network with another toothed part to transfer torque. Geared devices have the capability to change the speed, direction as well as torque of the power source.

Gear Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

The gears in a transmission are analogous to the wheels in a crossed, belt  pulley system- The major advantage with gears is that their teeth maintain the grip and prevent slippage issues. When two gears mesh and one of them is larger in size than another, a mechanical advantage is created- This happens because of the rotational speed and the torque of two different dimensional gears in action. Gear manufacturers in Ahmedabad use the latest technology to design high-quality gears, which can work seamlessly with the latest types of machinery across varied industrial segments. The manufacturing process is specifically focused to provide compatible products, which can man oeuvre itself as per the changing trends and requirement.

Also, customized gears can be manufactured in line with the specified demands of the clients ranging across textiles, slotting machinery, paper box machinery, pipe bend machinery and more. Here are the details about the major equipment where the gears can perfectly fit in the requirements.

Uma Engineering is one of the leading gear manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad. We provide premium quality industrial gears, which are used across different segments of manufacturing. Also, you can buy gear in bulk quantities at highly competitive rates.

Perfect For:-

  • Conveyors
  • Locomotives
  • Printing press
  • Pump and pumping equipment
  • Cooling towers

Specification of Industrial Gears:-

  • Minimum O.D. to be cut : 12 mm Dia.
  • Maximum O.D. to be cut : 1900 mm Dia
  • Minimum Module : 0.2 mm
  • Maximum Module : 25 mm
  • Minimum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 60
  • Maximum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 1

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